Saturday, 27 February 2016

Applied Business and Personal Skills

In my ABPS unit I used a lot of my preferred learning style which is reading and writing. Also I used visual and auditory learning styles. For my visual learning I looked at different examples of business letters and emails so I would know the difference between them and everyday letters and emails. For my auditory learning I watched and listened to a video which gave you tips on how to answer some of the questions in the exam.

During this unit I improved so of my weaknesses and used some of my strengths. I improved on my communication skills when we had small class meetings in lesson. Also I improved on my spelling by reading information I needed to know and writing business letters and emails. I used my strengths to help me organise my time so I had the right amount of revision time and time to relax to refresh myself.

For part of the ABPS unit you need to know what a business meeting is. To help the class learn what a business meeting was my tutor set up a group meeting as part of the lesson so the class could understand the different sections within a meeting. During these meetings I learnt what agendas and minutes are used for and we all took our own notes so we could learn how to write minutes for a meeting.

In this unit we worked a lot within a group or as a fułl class so I didn't work independently a lot. The only time I worked independently was when I did any work at home and when I was revising.

I sat the exam for this unit on the 28th January. I found out this week that I have passed it.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


In the last few weeks I have been learning how to create different spreadsheets. I have learnt how to do a few different formulas, formatting spreadsheets with borders, colours and changing data into currency and creating charts using the data in the spreadsheet. Also I learnt conditional formatting and how to use the IF function.

During this unit I have worked independently and reminded myself how to create spreadsheets as I have done them before but 7 years ago. If I struggled doing anything I tried researching how to do it or I didn't understand it I would ask my tutor.

I will keep coming back to do spreadsheets to keep my skills up and make sure I won't forget how to do them.

Doing the spreadsheet unit will help me in the future when I start applying for jobs that might involve doing spreadsheets as part of the job.