Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My SWOT Analysis

Here is a copy of my SWOT analysis which shows my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths will help me find a job by shows employers what I can bring to their business. My weaknesses will tell employers what I might need help or training with to help me improve on this weaknesses. Also it shows any opportunities I could take to help me to get where I want to be in my life. The threats show any obstacles that might be in my way to find the job I want to be in.

I did this analysis to help myself identify what my strengths and weaknesses are and to help me think about what opportunities I could take to get where I want to be.

I only had one problem doing this blog. The problem was that the table wouldn't copy onto my blog using my laptop at home. To solve this problem I tried doing it on my laptop at college. When I did it at college it copied onto my blog fine.

This task was a reading and writing learning style which is my preferred learning style.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My 1st Reflection of The Year

Since I have started this course in September I have learnt that my preferred learning style is reading and writing. This means when I'm learning I understand things better if I can read it or make notes on it. I have also used different learning styles since I have started this course in September. I have used kinaesthetic and visual. When I used kinaesthetic I was creating poster and mind maps to help me learn and when I used visual I was make an action plan for where I wanted to be in a year.

One of my first problems was that my laptop was running to slow for the lesson. To resolve this problem I told my tutor and she manage to get a network cable from the IT department at college. Doing this made the laptop run fast so I could keep up with the lessons. Another problem I had was struggling with what things went in the credit and debit side of a balance sheet in my bookkeeping unit. I solve this problem by just revising and practicing how to do them. My last problem was I had a week off college because I was too ill to come in so I missed a couple of lessons. To stop myself missing out on my work I emailed my tutors to send me the work I missed or asked one of my friends to get it for me.

In one of my business and personal skills lessons we worked in groups to discuss what was important to do and not to do at a job interview. We made a poster and put sticky notes on it and decided in our group where on the poster it should go depending on how important it was. After we did that we swapped it with another group to see if they agree with us and we did the same with their poster. If we didn't agree the order they put their sticky notes we could change them around but we had to give a reason why we changed it. They could do the same with our poster.

I could use my learning blog to help me revise in the future and remind myself who to do things I did at the beginning of the course.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Double Entry Bookkeeping System

I did this task to help me remember the double entry bookkeeping system. I did this document using Microsoft Word. I will use this to revise from before my assessments.

I didn't have any problems doing this task because I new how to use Microsoft Word.

I liked doing this task because it is my preferred learning style which is reading and writing.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

My Goal for The Next Year

I created this poster on a website called easelly. I made this poster to remind myself what my goal is for the next year. By doing this task I should be able to keep myself on track and keep myself motivated.

When I was doing this poster I came across a few problems. The first one I came across was not knowing how to use the website and losing my work when I first did it because I didn't register myself up to the site. So I then registered up to the site and restarted doing my poster. My next problem was not knowing how to do another text box to write something in. I tried to draw a text box by pressing on the text icon and drawing it but this didn't work. So instead I selected one of the text boxes that was already on the poster at the beginning and cloned it so I could just retype my new message. My last problem was getting the poster onto my blog. I tried to copy and paste it but that didn't work. I then had to save the poster and browse for it in the select image part of my new blog.

The learning style I used was kinesthetic which is not my preferred learning style.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Difference between debit and credit

I made this poster to help me to remember what debits and credits are and the differences between them. I made this poster using power point. I added smart art for the arrows and used bullet point to show what the letters stand for. This type of learning is different from my prefer style of learning. This style is kinaesthetic and ,y prefer learning style is reading and writing.

I had a couple of problems. The first program was how I added another arrow because when I first inserted the smart art there was only three arrows. To solve this problem I had to add a bullet point and put it at the side to make it into an arrow. My second problem was uploading the poster to my blog. I solved this problem by using snipping tool to select the full poster and copying and pasting it over to a new post on my blog.

After doing this poster I should use it to help me revise from in the future.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mind Map created by alysonbooker_ with GoConqr

I created this mind map to me learn and understand what the accounting equation is. Also how debit and credit affects an account.

I enjoyed creating this even though I prefer reading and writing notes to learn. I did a bit of my preferred learning because I used google to find the information I needed to complete the task.

I only had one problem doing this task because I had already made an account with GoConqr but it wouldn't let me sign in. To solve this problem I had to create another account with GoConqr using a different user name.

My Preferred Learning

I am a reading and writing learner.

This means I prefer reading books or leaflets and making notes as I go along. I would also like to use these strategies to learn:

* Using textbooks 
* Using internet to search information 
* Listing key statement 
* Making notes in my own words
* Doing practice questions

I don’t really like using apps to study. I find when I use apps to study the information doesn’t sink in properly.