Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My SWOT Analysis

Here is a copy of my SWOT analysis which shows my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths will help me find a job by shows employers what I can bring to their business. My weaknesses will tell employers what I might need help or training with to help me improve on this weaknesses. Also it shows any opportunities I could take to help me to get where I want to be in my life. The threats show any obstacles that might be in my way to find the job I want to be in.

I did this analysis to help myself identify what my strengths and weaknesses are and to help me think about what opportunities I could take to get where I want to be.

I only had one problem doing this blog. The problem was that the table wouldn't copy onto my blog using my laptop at home. To solve this problem I tried doing it on my laptop at college. When I did it at college it copied onto my blog fine.

This task was a reading and writing learning style which is my preferred learning style.

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