Sunday, 12 June 2016

Working Effectively

A couple of months ago I completed my working effectively unit. In this unit I learnt how to work effectively in an accounting and financial offices.

In this unit I learnt how to work in an accounting department within an organisation and how important it is to have different policies and procedures in place so all the employees work within the same rules. Also I learnt the reporting lines which is important in an organisation so if you need to report anything you know who you can go to. Also I learned that you need a good range of communication skills in an accounting department which includes English and Maths skills.

In another part of this unit I learnt how to work independently and as part of a team. Also how important it is to have good time management skills and how to prioritise your work load. I also learned why you need to keep developing your skills for yourself and the organisation you work for needs.

Final I learnt about different ethical values and principles and how important it is to certain employees. Also I learned what sustainable values meant to an organisation.

I didn't really have any problems doing this unit. I just found it a bit hard because I always struggle with English based exams. I just took my time doing the exam and made sure I read the full question properly so I could understand it.

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