Saturday, 10 October 2015

My Goal for The Next Year

I created this poster on a website called easelly. I made this poster to remind myself what my goal is for the next year. By doing this task I should be able to keep myself on track and keep myself motivated.

When I was doing this poster I came across a few problems. The first one I came across was not knowing how to use the website and losing my work when I first did it because I didn't register myself up to the site. So I then registered up to the site and restarted doing my poster. My next problem was not knowing how to do another text box to write something in. I tried to draw a text box by pressing on the text icon and drawing it but this didn't work. So instead I selected one of the text boxes that was already on the poster at the beginning and cloned it so I could just retype my new message. My last problem was getting the poster onto my blog. I tried to copy and paste it but that didn't work. I then had to save the poster and browse for it in the select image part of my new blog.

The learning style I used was kinesthetic which is not my preferred learning style.

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  1. This was a very good reflection, Aly. Well done for working through those problems!